Non-Surgical Procedures Beautification Procedures in Lakeland

In many cases patients may not be appropriate candidates for facial rejuvenation surgery. Facial aging may not be severe enough to justify the scalpel with its associated financial implications and recovery. Some patients may not be well enough medically to withstand surgery. Some patients may simply not want to subject themselves to that type of intervention. Laser resurfacing may be used to address some aspect of aging. Of the three aspect of aging, volume loss, deeply etched in wrinkles or rhytids, and skin laxity and excess, laser resurfacing can help with the last two, in some cases to an impressive extent. When done in a limited, focal fashion, no general anesthesia is required, recovery, however, tends to be drawn out and in some instances longer than surgery. In most cases the drawbacks are well worth it since deeply etched in creases are better addressed by resurfacing.

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