Age: 59
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'4
Weight: 190


Procedure Details

Tummy Tuck Central FL

Candidates for an Abdominoplasty

There are three factors to consider, your overall health status, your post-operative goals, and your willingness to be pro-active in the recovery process. Most individuals seek after a flat and toned abdomen, or tummy, however this result cannot always be achieved through exercise and weight management. There are many different factors that contribute to sagging, excess skin surrounding the abdomen. Weight fluctuation, pregnancy, prior surgeries, aging and heredity could all be causes of excess fat. An abdominoplasty is a highly individualized procedure and requires a medical consultation to determine whether or not a patient is a proper candidate for surgery. Ideal candidates are physically healthy and have reasonable expectations regarding their surgical outcome.  Patients with heart disease, breathing difficulties, kidney insufficiency, and any other serious medical condition should obtain “clearance” before surgery to make sure they are not putting themselves at an unacceptable risk.

The procedure itself can take from two to four hours. This depends on the amount of tissue to be removed, patient size, and the possible addition of liposuction or hernia repair. Panniculectomy performed after massive weight loss generally takes longer because of the amount of skin to be removed.



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